Thursday, June 19, 2008

Booty 4 sale (Part ii)

We have a weiner!!!

John has this to say about Shireen:
"Ah... the lure of the exotic far east... warm tropical climates, breathtaking landscapes, rich culinary delights and of course who could forget about the women. Petite, vibrant, vivacious and even a little mysterious... That's before mentioning the many varied dishes they can cook, the brilliant massages those small feet walking on your back can give and that they know kung fu and can protect you on a night out in town!

But, before you go thinking that you're going to be able to spend every* night on the couch consuming Chinese delicacies and having your back walked on, you may want to know that our Shireen is quite the traveller, loves to party and is quite keen on keeping up to date with the latest gallery around town. If you're the kind of person that likes to sip cocktails at funky bars during the week, try a new restaurant here, see a new movie there, take a trip to the countryside or go on a weekend o/s city break... then Shireen could certainly be your partner in crime.

Our gal is a city professional and can hold her own on many a varied topic, always approached with a smile and a touch of humour. Having worked within the IT sector Shireen is an avid supporter of a digital life and you won't find her eyes glazing over as you talk about the features on your latest phone. Similarly you won't have to go hiding your guilty secret love of any geeky 80's cartoons you may harbour... and I'm sure she could be convinced to have a lazy night on the couch watching a dvd box set of 24, CSI... (although there maybe a payment of chocolate involved dependent on the dvd!).

I should also mention that our lass is a genuine Australian gal with an oriental background, so along with all the exotic cooking and back massages she is a warm, friendly and fun loving with a laid back attitude who has a love of life and the people in it.

That's enough from me, time to pass over to the lady in question..."

to which Shireen responded:
"Thanks John!

Yes, I'm a qualified ninja who likes to take a break from assassinations with a glass (or three) of vino, preferably to some cheesy background tunes and some cheesy conversations about everything and nothing. As an Aussie girl, I'm always on the lookout for a patch of sunshine in cloudy London, and am trying to substitute chilling out at beaches with chilling out at parks!

Promise to wash my feet first before giving any back massages ;)

PS: No need to buy those pesky DVD box sets, I'll teach you how to download :P"

*lol* Before anyone asks, yes, JOHN _is_ a real friend of mine :) Yes, he did come up with that profile without any help from me :)

I would like to thank all who participated, if anything, I really enjoyed reading what you had to write about me *grin* If you're curious, here are the runner ups :)

=== First Runner Up ===
A pocket dynamo of life and free of commitments
Has a laugh that brings the sun out on a cloudy day
Happy to wander with the breeze
Someone to share a beautiful sunset with
Coffee till early hours of the morning
A friend who'll be there till the very end

You'll need love your culinary delights
Loves the food, paella, seafood, and Michelin hats
Ask her for her Hai naan chicken rice
Saves all prawn heads for the real deal laksa

Try to pay the bill and prepare for a fight
Keep your money in or she'll really bite
We all call her too generous for her own good
You'd be a lucky man to have this girl in your life

Can club all day and all nite in search of the ultimate buzz
Keeps trim to jam longer into the night in Ibiza
Party with you till the dawn of day
She'll care for your needs if you've overdone the play
Makes chicken soup the next day if your head feels like crap

Slave to the anything with an Apple blazened on it
Shes a nerd but she knows it
Loves the 'net so you better have Gchat
You better love your gadgets if you wanna stay with her
Her latest thing is Supercars so it helps if you have flash wheels

Loves cuddles in the morning and makes eggs if your a good lover
But you have to be a gentleman if you want some mornin lovin
Hometown of Sydney but out loving life in the world
She is the oriental in Rondon

Second Runner Up ===
Shireen is that person who you always run into - at clubs, festivals, dinners with friends, foreign countries... and everytime she's got a big smile, is happy to see you and is enjoying herself! Despite all this, she somehow manages to devote time to her friends and fit a job in there somewhere.
=== End entries ===

Aaah, the game has begun *grin*

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