Thursday, June 19, 2008


*UGH* Yes, that movie. I'm far too annoyed to say its name :P _Why_ did I watch it? As a favour to a friend. I've never really been a fan of the series, and *UGH* I couldn't help scrunching up my nose and wondering wtf all the fuss has been about for the past few months. Why did girls squeal so much over it? Why did magazines talk about the movie like it's the second coming of Christ?!? Alright alright, I giggled a bit throughout the movie, but I also experienced sharp stabbing pains in my abdomen. Though, that's probably because I have a potential stomach bug :P Seriously, I've been feeling nauseous since even before the movie started. The movie just aggravated it. And me.

What just absolutely *shits* me about this movie, is that Carrie Bradshaw hires a personal assistant who has a COMPUTER SCIENCE degree. *UUUUUUGH* A person in IT has better things to do in life than to be Carrie Bradshaw's PA!!! AND, to add insult to injury, _apparently_ IT people can't afford designer handbags!!!! Screw you Carrie Bradshaw, I can afford my own Louis Vutton. The fact I don't is because it's freaking ugly :P



Anonymous said...

duh - they had to put a token "big" "black" "intelligent" female in it of course - i thought computer science nerds lived in poverty :P I agree - designer handbags are totall fugly - of course apart from my RMB 27 ($2) Chinese rip-off FENDI that I happily tote around with he he...i feel as good after your movie as in my exam today :x


Sarah said...

I really really struggle to understand what on earth every_other_female thinks of this film, and the series. I'm happily oblivious, and will remain so :)

reenie said...

y* - You're confusing Comp Sci nerds with Med School nerds *big grin* There are _some_ nice designer bags around... It's just that particular LV one Carrie chose was dreadful!!!

Sarah - You're not missing out on much at all :)