Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Coffee Date

Date outfit: Alanah Hill skirt, black Kookai shirt & boots
(Mysteriously similar to Work outfit *lol*)
Date location: Canary Wharf
Date start time: 6:15pm

I'm a little hesitant to write too much about the date. Let's just hope that those involved never find my blog. I'll try not to be *too* harsh... Or at least try to justify why I'm harsh :P

Coffee Date is so called because he doesn't drink alcohol. So what's left? Coffee. Remember what I said in my last blog post about, "Do profile pictures lie?". Well, put it this way, when I met Coffee Date, I was expecting someone a bit more polished and glossy - kinda like his profile picture :P It suddenly occurred to me that his profile picture was a professional headshot. He didn't look dissimilar, the profile pic just looked more... intriguing?!? So I was mentally taken aback with the real life version.

Lesson learnt: Avoid the profiles with professional pictures.

Why did I agree to meet Coffee Date? Because his profile implied he was artistic and involved in the theatrical industry. I thought, "that's cool, that's different". Truth be told, real life sucked all the glamour out of his profile. As I questioned him, I found out he's not really that involved in theatre. He's not even currently working in anything remotely related to theatre. He's closer to a starving wannabe-artist who wants to live in Italy.

Pah-paawnh (that's the sound of a retro buzzer)

Ok, he's not starving, but I definitely can't see him as being financially self-sufficient. There was definitely NO spark either. I think what disappoints me the most is that, he kinda lied on his profile.

Alright, so B pointed out that I lied in mine too. I'm not a ninja, but you know, I kinda thought that would be obvious. Other things I got caught out on:
Coffee Date: "Ok, you're not a ninja, but you do know some sort of martial arts?"
Me: "Errr, no, that was just J joking around."
Coffee Date: "What about that bit about back massages?"
Me: *inwardly cringing* "Sorry, that's J making a bad joke again. Heh... heh..."

As our respective coffees drained out, I ran through some exit strategies in my head. Inevitably -
Coffee Date: "What now, shall we move on for another drink?"
Me: "Err, nah, I think I'll go home."

Oops, I had wished for a subtler, gentler exit line. My brain failed me. Overall, I'm glad the first online dating experience is over :) It's still fun to meet new people. That's something I haven't done for a very long time.

Fingers crossed, better luck on spark next time!

Date end time: 7:30pm

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Kev said...

That's the worst when expectation does not come anywhere near reality.

Better luck for the next guy!
I liked your "Pah-paawnh" noise :)