Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Giant Machine

Sorry, you may have guessed by now that there are going to be a lot of posts regarding booty sales. I can't help but think about it. I'm the type that wants to figure out the solution behind the problem.

J and I were discussing the nuances behind online dating today. I, personally, think the following behaviour is inexplicable:
1) A guy "favourites" me, which means I can see that they like my profile.
2) In response, I'll send off an email with an "opener". For instance, in one case, a guy who favourited me mentioned that he had plans to travel to Latin America this year. So I sent him a message about what a great experience South America was, and how he has to make sure he treks Machu Picchu. In another instance, a guy who's an architect favourites me. So I sent him an email with an opening joke and then ask him what his favourite building is. Simple. It might've been a dumb question, but it's just a start to a conversation.
3) I get the silent treatment. I can *see* who's read my messages and at what date/time. Both of the guys mentioned above have read my messages. No response. It's been days. No response. Ok, maybe I wasn't very witty, but at least I made an effort. What absolutely bothers me, is that they've read my messages, haven't responded and STILL kept me on their favourites list! Wtf?!? Take me off that dang favourites list if I'm not good enough.

Here's what I deem the situation akin to. We're at an IRL ("in real life" for you n00bz out there :) ) party. A guy sees me chatting to my friends, having a good laugh. The guy winks at me. I smile, and make an effort to walk over and chat.

The guy blanks me. Walks away to the other side of the room, and keeps winking at me.


Maybe my game is wrong. Maybe I'm doing this the wrong way. Maybe I just don't like playing games. Maybe the guy's winking eye is just plain twitchy.

So what I told J, is that I want a Giant Machine. Throw in a whole load of single people. The Giant Machine does a sort algorithm. Whirrrrrr... Ding! Out pops me and my perfect match. What's so wrong with that? J's theory is that if I don't try the whole load of single people input for myself, then I'm never going to know if the Giant Machine is wrong. I'm thinking, if the Giant Machine got it close enough, I don't need to know if it's wrong.


Secretary said...

you are trying to find figure out the solution behind the problem...While you are doing this on a coffee break...please contact Barack Obama on how to bring on world peace, cheaper oil, better management of natural resources...

As for the silent treatment re your email And I am no expert...but in the 2 months I dabbled in online dating...I know that my friends tell me that most men are creeps and in my expereince some women are freaks...The best strategy is find a service that allows you to chat...and if you find it hard to talk to themonline...don't go for a coffee...Best of luck friend...

PS I believe we all have a soul mate out there...You will find each other in the strangest way...

Keep the blogs up ;0

Anonymous said...

Hi Reenie,

Why don't you just try the "I smile, and make an effort to walk over and chat." approach in real life. Sounds like a good approach to me. I just think not enough people actually try it. What can you loose?

Although I know Jaco met his love via internet and so did Robert.

cu, Wicky.