Monday, June 09, 2008


Let me preface this entry with, no I still don't have a license. I'll explain that at the end of the post.

I have discovered a new love - supercars! Mmm-mmm... This morning I walked out of the tube and found myself standing infront of an unsupervised Zonda. Ooooh... I took a couple of quick snaps and emailed them off to a couple of Top Gear geeks with the question, "Guess what car is parked opposite my office today?"

Not long after, I received an impressive reply: "pagani zonda (looks like f model - f stands for fangio (juan emanuel) ... mr pagani's personal friend). when you order one of those they take measurements of your behind to mould the seats ... and they get pope's shoemaker to sort you out with driving loafers ...."

*lol* I knew Daliborus wouldn't let me down ;)

A couple of months ago I wouldn't have been able to tell you WTF is a Zonda. However, I've been catching up on Top Gear lately, courtesy of the Beeb's iPlayer. I _love_ this show. Anyways, this supercar is super awesome. The Stig clocked a lap time of 1.18.4 mins, making it the third fastest car on the list. Wah :D

Supercars always come with at least one big red button *grin*

So there I was, spending my lunch hour gazing at the Zonda when someone suddenly starts revving its engine. The Zonda makes a low, *absolutely lustful* ruuuuumble. It's the Barry White of engines. It makes me want to make looove to The Stig in the backseat... Wait, the Zonda doesn't have a backseat. That's where the mighty engine sits :P Check out the FAT tyres!!

Just how much is it to rent the Zonda? Only about £2700 per DAY ;)

So, why all the talk about cars when I don't have a licence? Have you ever wondered _why_ I don't have a licence? _Why_ I don't drive after all these years? Before I turned 18, I sat for my P's (provisional licence). It was one of the most horrible experiences of my life. I found out later that I had pretty much failed in the first 10 mins of the test (I overtook on the left of a car that had pulled out infront of me from a driveway). The test instructor had taken pity on me and let me drive on. Which was a bad mistake. Because later on, I was at a T-junction with heavy traffic. I misjudged the gap in oncoming traffic, and as I pulled out onto the main road, the test instructor yelled out, "STOOOOP!".

I, errr, kept my foot on the accelerator instead.

I made it onto the main road, and full cred to the driver behind me not ramming the car in the ass. I got HONKED at instead. *Humiliation*! I started crying. I might even have screamed and taken my hands off the steering wheel for a little bit. That's when the test instructor furiously started lecturing me and directed me back to the KMart carpark in Blacktown.

Are you really that surprised? Look at my demographic - oriental AND female! I'm staying off the roads for YOUR safety :)

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Dalibor said...

daliborus' first rule and the most important rule of driving:
IT IS NEVER MY FAULT (whatever happens there is always someone else to blame)

driving is 99% confidence 1% luck ...

btw. you can tell "plain" zonda from zonda f by looking at position review mirrors (they moved it to the front - they look like golf clubs)