Friday, June 20, 2008

The *Competition*

Edit 21/06/08: Oops, looks like I got it wrong. I've been told my profile moves upfront everytime I log in. So I just have to keep logging in :P

I'm not the only single 29 year old female in Rondon looking for love. Here's the competition:

Well the first page of competition anyway. There are many many more pages of girls who have the same search criteria as me!! The thing about these sites is, it's kinda LIFO. I think. If I remember my stack algorithm properly... That is, the last person who joins MSF, is going to be the profile displayed on the first page. So eventually, my profile is going to fall by the wayside... Doomed to ether oblivion. In fact, I just did another search, and - I'm no longer on page 1 of results! Told you - that was fast.

This reminds me of job hunting on websites. Always make sure you upload your CV on a regular basis. The same thing happens. Newest CV will always pop up first in search results.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

youthful asians are so much hotter!! those other babes look OLD - in their 30s :)

I wanna see the coffee date - :P (procrastinating from study he he)

x ystar