Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Vinton Cerf

This guy. Co-creator of ARPANET. Was speaking at my workplace last month. Alas, I wasn't employed there at the time, and apparently only execs were invited. Wasted. All I got was a webcast of the event. If I was there, I would've hugged him and asked him to sign my USB key. How many people do you know of who could say light-heartedly:

"There's a problem with the internet, and it's my fault."

+60 HP if any of you nerds out there can tell me what that problem is :)


Beckster said...

The problem is we are running out of IP addresses. That's why V6 has been developed.

Hit me with the HP!

reenie said...

*lol* You're getting more than HP for this :) Mucho impressed by your nerdy knowledge! Look out for your prize in the mail ;)