Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tummy gurgling

(I wrote this while I was waiting for Coffee Date to arrive)
Not in a good way either. I've been having tummy issues for the past week. My biggest worry at the moment, is the possibility that I might let off gas with the same ferocity as the gale force winds currently messing up my hair - infront of Coffee Date. Not really the first impression I was hoping to make, but at least it would be a memorable one *grin*

Nervous? Yes. With emails throughout the day from friends-in-the-know and blog readers asking me when I was going to have coffee. With Sametime messages from J all day egging me on. With comments from a few girls in the office whom I've let in on the "secret". This has to be the worst kept secret ever!! :)

Wonder if Coffee Date feels the pressure too.

After all the fuss, I'm trying to lower my expectations. That way, anything good is always a pleasant surprise. Actually, I think this statement is more for my friends -> LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS PEOPLE! I've also warned friends to search the river for my body if I don't make it home tonight :P

I'm a bit worried that some of my married girlfriends seem more excited about online dating than I am! One even sent me the link to the Millionaires Club. You know who you are ;)

Know what I wonder? Do profile pictures lie? :) Do I have something stuck on my teeth? Sht, I forgot to check...

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Dalibor said...

nervous? you should try being setup at the picnic with all the people there knowing you're being setup (thanks lena!) ....

save the wind for the second date ... or use it as an exit strategy ...