Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Reenie or Rockband?

As the rest of the crew play Rockband in the living room, I idled-out in my bedroom surfing the internets. One-by-one the girls trickle into my room. Each demand the same thing from me, "Show me who likes you on MSF!!!"

Errr, ok. So I go through the list of potentials:
"These two favourited me, but didn't reply my message" (as a result of this, I've decided to reply to any messages which are sent to me, cause it's a crap feeling when people don't reply)
"This is the one I forwarded to Becky as a reason why to say NO" *grin*
"Guess which one I'm having coffee with?"
"This is the one who's a bit geeky"

The girls have a good giggle over the list. Only one manages to correctly pick out tomorrow's coffee date :) I get useless advice on how to reject politely (thanks anyway girls):
"Just keep it short and sweet, thanks but no thanks!"
"Say you're not interested and he's too old for you!"

I get some creative tips on how to respond to some of the nicer looking guys who turn up in the searches :)
"Ooh, what about that one? He's looking for a twinkle in the eye. Send him your photo and ask him if he sees the twinkle!"
"He likes to rock! Invite him over to play Rockband!" *lol*

Every few minutes a yell comes from the living room, "HEY, IT'S YOUR TURN!"

The girl leaves my room, disappointed that she's run out of time to pick me another online suitor :)

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