Friday, June 13, 2008

Cow meat

Let's start out with a Dove Bloody Mary.

It's no ordinary BM, this one has Guinness in it! o_O Not bad either, innit? For 5 squids! Only in East Rondon do cocktails come this cheap cheap!

Now we get to the COW MEAT. This was my sirloin dinner. Biggest f*cking cut of meat I've had to eat on my own in my life...
14oz == 400g!!

I wonder if this is how PdF felt when we got him a 1kg steak for his birthday one year :) How on earth did he manage to eat twice this much of cow meat?!?

Couldn't do it :( Left some gristle and a couple of bites left on my plate. Had to save room for dessert after all :P Which wasn't very good anyways... However, if it's a hunk of Argentinian cow flesh you're after, head to Buen Ayre. Hrm, personally, I think I prefer Gaucho. Though, it's been awhile since I've been to Gaucho.

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