Wednesday, June 11, 2008


On the tube I glanced up. I meet the eyes of a cuteish guy with a cuteish smile. I quickly look away, embarrassed that I'd been rubbing my eye mercilessly for the past few mins. Did I mention that I've had a couple of glasses of Rioja? I would've blushed if I wasn't already red *grin*

So here I am blogging on my iPhone instead *lol* On my way to eat offal with Ms K if you must know. I've been looking forward to it all day! In the meantime I think I now understand why strangers advertise love notes to other strangers in the Metro. A stolen glance in less than a split second. Was he smiling at a joke shared with his friends at the instant I looked up? Was he smiling because he knew I was in a *happy* state? I'll never know, but I can live with ignorance :)
That's venison offal and chicory on my plate (best eaten together)
Chitterlings and chips on Ms K's plate :)

To be honest, I was expecting tripe, but got kidney and liver instead!!
Thanks Ms K for the wunderbar company as usual :)

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