Sunday, June 22, 2008

What's the etiquette?

MSF lets people add me as their "favourite". I get to see who likes me. Some of these guys... err, I'm just not interested. This is going to sound pretty bad, but profile pictures play a part of my decision making.

MSF also lets people message each other - for a price. Which I've had the dubious pleasure of paying. 20 squids gets you messaging functionality for 3 months. Some of the messages I've received, are just... not very good. Eg:

"just had to say i think your photo looks stunning. if i could ever tempt you into doing something reckless like going for a drink stranger please let me know, meanwhile if you want to make sure that im not an axe wielding maniac my website..."

Ok, he seems fine, however, he's above the age bracket I set, and his message just didn't catch me.

So the question is, how do I reject people in a nice way? :P Am I obligated to say something if they just add me as a favourite? "Sorry, I don't think I'm good enough to be your favourite. Please remove me" *grin* Should I reply to the guy above with the boring message to be polite? "Thanks for the compliment, pity you're not a maniac because I have a spare axe. Guess we're not meant to be"?


Beckster said...

Would you consider 'the year of saying yes'? Just say yes to everyone who asks and see where the dates lead? I know that potentially will mean you go on a lot of bad dates, but you signed up for this online booty deal to meet more people right? Perhaps some hotties just don't have the skills like you to write well, don't hold it against them!

Think of the entertaining stories you can tell at the next party. Just pick a well-lit, public place for the dates...

reenie said...

Hey, if these were hotties, I'd be saying YES regardless of their writing skillz *grin*

Anonymous said...

do i need to send you a can of mace for protection? :P but in all seriousness - well-lit and public space sounds like a defo good idea!

x ystar

Beckster said...

Ok reenie, you have a point. I concede the foolishness of my prior comment. Begaz there are some random people out there. Bring mace.