Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Burning Man (art & mutant vehicles)

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Day 5 BM: It's taken me this long to get used to the grime... And only because I've had to cycle through a full-strength SAND STORM o_O
View from inside our RV

It's like Mother Nature's way of giving you a pr0n star shower with DIRT. After that, I didn't care how dirty I was anymore. Every inch of me was covered in dust and for the first time, it felt natural :) It's an amazing experience cycling through a dust white-out. All I could see were silhouettes.

"Why don't you take a shower in your fancy shmancy RV," I hear you say?

Well, I would have if the water pump in the RV was working :P No water pump meant I didn't shower for 6 DAYS (beating my previous record of 5 days at Machu Picchu). After the sand storm, I stopped wiping myself down with baby wipes. I also did a clean out of my nose for the first time during the trip. Holy moly! BIGGEST BOOGERS EVER! Everyone else looked at me oddly when I told them. Apparently they'd been cleaning out their noses everyday.

No water pump also meant less cooking as it was such a hassle to clean cutlery, pots and plates. I was eating chunky chicken soup out of a can. Just like back in the good old Uni days when I lived with T *grin*

Oh, I was cycling back from seeing my hypnotist healer Ché :)

Ché: "Tell me how I can help you."
Me: "Make me a better person!" (easy answer)
Ché: "Ok, what do you see a better person as being?"
Me: "Hrmm, I'm already pretty good as a person *cheeky grin* Make me more relaxed and content instead!"
Ché: "For the next few minutes, I want you to let your mind drift and think about anything..."
Me: *thinking* "It's been awhile. Maybe the session's over, better open my eyes."
Me: *out loud* "That was good, thanks for that!"
Ché: "It's not over yet. That's good, you're always in control. Now close your eyes, and I'll count you back out."
Me: *thinking* "Oops..."

To be honest, I think all
Ché did was give me the capacity to remember bad dreams *shrug* I've had a few nightmares since I got back.

Now for some art installations and mutant vehicles. Mutant vehicles are awesomely done up rides that become an artwork in itself :) It was wonderful seeing them cross the playa. Suprisingly, I took more pix of people than art. I kind of got sidetracked. Besides that, I had limited battery and memory, and everything I looked at was art!!

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