Sunday, September 28, 2008

Filmster Date

Date outfit: Grey Argentinian top, blue slacks, white flat shoes. The flats were a surprising choice, cause out of all the dates I've had, Filmster Date's the tallest at 6 feet *grin*
Date location: London Bridge / General vicinity of Borough Markets
Date start time: Approx 6:45pm

Poor guy. He might've stood a chance if AA hadn't pre-fed me with a Bloody Mary (my new cocktail of choice) and a pep talk about getting back on the proverbial horse *grin* My head really wasn't in the date-game space.

I did have a fun night, but I did try to send out some "not interested" signals. I teased him a lot, and to his credit, he held up well and gave as good as he got. I also checked out chicks. What on earth are girls doing walking around in little mini-skirts? Meanwhile, I'm all buttoned up in my woolly Ben Sherman jacket.

Anyways, Filmster Date is so named, because he's in the film industry :) A nice refreshing change from IT. He's a director/screenplay writer wannabe. Loads of interesting stories to tell. Unfortunately, when it's my turn to explain what I do... I'm stumped. Do I really want to explain IT, project management, business analysis, setting up an offshore helpdesk, orifice politics to him? Naaah... I stick to, "I work with computers, it's boring". Don't get me wrong, I love IT and technology. I just don't think my job is very interesting :P Talk to me about the latest iPhone firmware and I'll give you a piece of my mind.

Eventually, I call it a night - "My flatmates are cooking squid for me". Strange, but not a lie! Only it became a lie when I got home and discovered no squiddies had been saved for me *grin*

So, to sum up - Nice guy, quickly transitioned to "more mate than date" type. No spark for me. He's messaging me though. Now what do I do?

Date end time: Approx 9pm.


Anonymous said...

PS. Fresh piping hot squiddies cooked just for you 2 days later!
Seeking redemption.

reenie said...

*grin* Thank you House Elf ;)