Tuesday, September 16, 2008

*Splish* *Splosh*

"Ou'est le piscine?"

Foux du fa fa ;) (I hearts this song *grin*)

Point is, look at my WHITE handbag! *Splish* *Splosh* :P I guess it's a sign of a good night with friends (you know who you are! Hereafter known as
Anonymous) :)

You know what, I've discovered a competitive streak.

My "Who likes me" stats on MSF - 2 pages. 1 page == 10 guys. So, all up atm, 16 peeps. Not all quality either. Here's an example of a non-quality profile who favourites me:

Range Rover Sports Edition
0-100m in about 16secs (when he was 14 years old)
Chocolate Brown with Premium Leather Upholstery
Bluetooth Personal Telephone texting Integration
Premium Navigation System
Electrically Adjustable Front Seats built for comfort
In Excellent Condition
Good traction
All mod con
Alloy Wheels
One previous female owner
Would suit a good looking caring female owner

Yeah. Dude, I don't think you're going to get laid anytime soon *grin*

Where was I... Yes, so I wrote a profile for Anonymous. *Guess*, just *guess*, _how_ many pages of "Who likes me" Anonymous has.

Here's the profile:
"I met Anonymous through work and when he left the company, I was miserable! Who was going to keep me sane? Who was going to chillax over a beer with me after work? Who was going to take me to eat chili baps at Borough Markets? It's been months since he left the company and I haven't found a suitable partner-in-crime replacement yet!

I tease
Anonymous a lot, but the truth about Anonymous is, well... he's cute *grin*. Stylishly spiked hair, cheeky grin, social skills - totally not what you'd expect from an IT enthusiast! Anonymous is the type of guy who's always entertaining to hang out with. Always open-minded enough to answer all my silly questions. Always adventurous enough to fly off to the wilds of Mexico to eat a chihuahua taco. Always honest enough to tell me what I need to hear.

I've had many a philosophical conversation about life, love and current affairs with
Anonymous over many glasses of wine! Even got funky and boogied with him on the dancefloor - and I must say, for a Caucasian male, he's dang good at shaking his booty :). In his chillout time, Anonymous beats up a mini rubber ball on the squash courts, cooks up a mean feast for friends, and loves being creative with his camera.

Ladies, if you're looking to meet someone who's a hint of charming bad boy mixed with a dash of fun and adventure -
Anonymous is it."

"Who likes me" stats for Anonymous - 8 PAGES. (o_O) That's 80 chix0rz max. I still want a screenshot for verification. 8 pages!!! How fcking *awesome* am I as a profile writer? :)

(You'd be surprised how happy my Jesus-pen makes people @ work.
"Jesus says hello. Can you do xxx for me please?")

Btw, if you're looking for a hint of charming bad boy mixed with a dash of fun and adventure, get in touch *grin* I don't go there cause he's younger, and I've been there, done that. Just for the record :P

It's ON, Anonymous!!!! I ain't losing to you!

PS: You know, I've even been *removed* by some from the favourites list *HURRUMPH*

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