Sunday, September 28, 2008

Feeling like a Grandma

Lets go back in time a bit. I remember about a decade ago, I use to snicker at the "old folks" in clubs. The weird ones who look like they should be at home watching the telly with a cuppa.

Fast forward to present day. I'm at an exclusive Brighton-residents-only festival thrown by Fatboy Slim :) The sun is out! I'm smiling as I dance. I accidentally catch the eye of a guy, so I do what I normally do when caught in a staring competition with randoms.

Me: "Hello!" *wave*

And I keep dancing.

That was the end of my peaceful dancing as every so often the guy comes back to chat. Which I would've loved if he was hot... and didn't look like a pimply 15 year old!!! That's almost HALF my age :(

Oooh yeah, Grandma's still got it baby. I'm a Cougar *rrr-eow* *claw* *claw*

The festival is all-ages. The security's so lax I spot 14 year olds (max) with beer exchanging drugs. Bit scary.

Throughout the day, Toy Boy returns to make conversation.
Toy Boy: "Where are you from?"
Me: "China." (Not really interested to go through the whole stupid scene of ignorant people disbelieving the possibility of orientals existing in a land of kangaroos and Elle Macphersons)
Toy boy: "Which part?"
Me: *uggh* "Guang xu"
Toy boy: "Are you having a good time?"
Me: *double uggh* *I stick my thumb up* gooooo away...
Toy boy: "Why didn't you come and dance with me? I told myself I'm going to dance with you before I leave."

What I wanted to say:
"SHOOOOO CHILD! Go play with your wittle fwends!! I'm old enough to have given birth to you (and trust me, in this country it's a realistic scenario)."

What I said: "Look, I'm dancing with my mates. Do you mind moving on?"

Finally, he takes the hint and leaves me alone. I feel like I should be at home watching telly with a cuppa :P Then again, if Fatboy Slim is still throwing totally rockin' parties at 45, why should I give it up? :)

Thanks B and Niffies for organising tix :)

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