Monday, September 29, 2008

Hands up!

Filing this under guy horror stories.

Back in the day, when T and I were still living in Sydnery, we use to meet up, have dinner and hang out. One night, we met up at Manly beach and sat by the sand gossiping away like teenagers :)

Along strolled a friendly guy, who stopped to talk to us.

Fine, fine, we're sociable...

...Until I noticed where this guy's hands were.

In his pockets? Nay nay!

In his CROTCH?


Aye aye!!!

I quickly avert my eyes and stop conversing. T, however, has failed to notice! She's talking about the footy. She's talking and talking. I glare at her. She's still talking *grin*

Meanwhile, everytime I look at the guy, his hands were busy *lol*

*Eventually*, T notices, and we get up to leave. Finally!!!

Guys, next time you talk to me and T, hands up where I can see em!!! We're not your cheap oriental thrills! Not for free anyway ;)

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