Sunday, September 21, 2008

Once in a lifetime

Ruh roh, I have a lot on my mind.

* 4 Grolsch, 2 cocktails, 3 PIMMS & Lemonande, 3 shots... of something.

I'm still touch typing. You better be impressed.

I've been thinking lately about travel regrets. Where do I want to be before 30? Yeah, yeah, if you're younger and mentality is not there yet, you will be.

My only travel regret is that I never made it to the Amazon when I went to South America. I still remember that it would've cost about US$300, and when I was a new grad backpacking, that was a shitload of moolah. I should've just spent it. Now, that's the one place I want to go back to. Just to play with those Boas ;) I still remember seeing pictures of a guy with a Boa around his neck.

I guess other places that are on my list, that I wish I could've done before 30:
* Rwanda - for the giant monkeys :)
* Patagonia - for the giant ice cubes.
* Somewhere where I can use CRAMPONS! It would've been this September if I had enough confidence to leave my shtty job *sigh*

Ah well :) There's still time before I'm 40 ;) Thanks CH for telling me turning 30 is my 4th decade of life :P

You know what though? I had the best time in Sth America because I was with close friends. Ok, so I had a tiff with one guy out of 7! It doesn't matter, I still want to experience it with friends. So if you feel like experiencing the Amazon, let me know :) South America is indescribable, you have to be there to truly taste it :)

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