Friday, September 12, 2008

Burning Man (the Burn)

You know, there are so many things I could tell you about BM. I'm going to stop at this post. I entered with an expectation that I would find peace. I exited with a realisation that just because the desert's isolated, doesn't mean I was going to find it :) Even doing Bikram yoga at midday in the desert, didn't clear my mind *grin* So I'll tell you what I loved about it.

It made me look at the stars :) It made me think there was more to just slogging away day-to-day. It made me think that people are more accepting, with the clause that human nature always has a hint of seediness (eg: random guy walking up to topless girl and licking her). It made me think, if I could live in the desert for 6 days, what's it going to take to break me?

And now... The Burn :)
This is the morning of (partied all night with T and Carl Cox ;)):

This is the start:

This is the first kaboomie! :D

Then battery & memory aziz :P

I squeezed out one more. This is the morning after (partied all night with S and the Duck ;)):

I leave you with what S said to me:
"Keep smiling - burningman never ends"

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