Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The proverbial horse

Never mind that I've never ridden a horse before, everyone's telling me to get back on it :P


So here I go again. Only... I'm more concerned about who my competition is! *lol* A search on MSF for females aged 29, turns up a bunch of hotties!! Where am I? PAGE 9!!! Aiyah... which guy is going to have the patience to look through 9 pages of hotties hotter than me?!?

You know what's disappointing? The standard of guys isn't as high as the girls :P *Plenty* of hotties for guys to pick, slim pickings for the girls in return. I mentioned this to a couple of girls at work, and one of them is starting to wonder if I'm gay since I'm searching for chicks *grin* "Whatever floats your boat hunny!"

Hrm, technically the gay gene _does_ run in my family... I could be the first family bi ;)

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