Tuesday, September 09, 2008


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Kinda like Sydnery, only with a mysterious fog *grin* I'm behind in posts, so I'm just going to do highlights:
  • Fresh sushi!!! If only I didn't waste it after... I blame the "barman" at the Clift hotel ;)
  • Cycling the bay with T&S. There were times when I cycled through Sausalito and thought, "Fck, where am I?" I honestly could've been cycling through Paddington :)
  • Watching S do the biggest bicycle stack of the trip (it wasn't me!!) *lol*
  • Cycling over 3 mega hills and the Golden Gate Bridge :)
  • Fresh oysters from Hog Island with Wendy Bendy :D Oysters are like a luxury item in Rondon!
  • View from the Carnelian Room cocktail lounge.
  • Hanging off the cable car up the hills of SFO :)
  • SIX FLAGS DISCOVERY KINGDOM!!! ZOMG!!! 3 hours of rollercoasters galore!! It's been sooo long :)
What's NOT worth the wait:
  • 2 hours in line at Mama's for crab benedict eggs. Good, but not 2 hours wait good. Give me Lounge salmon eggs anyday...

Wendy Bendy
- I'm so glad we got to catch up :) Come see me in Rondon!! Why don't I have any pix of us together?!?

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Kev said...

We stayed at Clift! It's a great place ,that Red Room has those eerie video portraits :)

How did you guys get to SFO? I hope it wasn't via NY...