Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Burning Man (floppy p3nises)

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It's strange, I've always wanted to go to BM because to me, there was nothing cooler than the concept of art in the middle of a desert. What I didn't expect, was the sense of open community and the outrageousness of it all. The only time I pulled out cash, was to pay for coffees (decent ones too!) at Center Camp. What surprised me was how giving Americans could be *grin* Free lemonade! Free iced tea! Free margaritas! Free bagels! Free snowcones! Freebies everywhere you go! People would pretty much walk to the middle of the street and say to you as you cycle past, "Hey, you wanna stop by for a *insert freebie here*?"

What I loved most, was the effort people made to dress up in costumes. Not just for a day, but for everyday and every night! :) That was amazing. It was surreal to be lying on a cushion looking at the blue sky with choons in the background, when suddenly first a Siberian tiger, then a Bengal crept past my vision :) You know what? In my shorts and singlet tops, I felt left out. The costumes were something I had not expected. I _did_ borrow Wazzz's vampire cape with the thought of wearing undies underneath. To wear that in the freezing desert night though, would've been NUTS.

The other thing I didn't expect was the massive club culture. It blew my mind. Kind of like an Ibiza without the water :) What I had trouble comprehending was how people had just come to the desert, and setup massive club arenas. Lights, speakers, decor, pyrotechnics, the works. Even an international DJ :) Carl Cox played for free one night. Tiesto played here in 2005.
Dancing through to dawn on the desert, I kept asking myself, "What the hell am I doing here?" I felt like I was on a different planet altogether.

Everything seemed so random, with independent theme camps dotted around the playa. Yet everything worked so well together. That was amazing.

As T and I cycled back to our RV, a guy stands infront of us and says, "Ladies! Free stripper!"
T: "Maybe we should've gone in."
Me: "Trust me, I've seen enough floppy p3nises to last me a lifetime already!"

I certainly didn't expect *that* at BM...

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