Thursday, September 25, 2008

Consolation prize

Girlfriend: "Let's catch up."
Me: "Sure, when?"
Girlfriend: "How about Wednesday because the Other Half has football on that night."

I start to grimace.

It's such a girl thing to say. I guess it annoys me because I never said that sort of shit to friends when I was in a relationship. I guess that's one thing I can commend He Who Shall Not Be Named on *grin* I had my freedom. I wasn't beholden to him. I didn't have to spend every moment with him, and he never made me feel guilty about it. I could schedule my diary however I liked if we didn't have plans together. I didn't just get in touch with people just because my partner's away or had his own plans. At the end of the day, it was my partner I came back to and I appreciated our time together even more. I didn't make dates with friends just because the Other Half was out having his own good time.

I know girlfriends don't mean anything by it. I know I'm being overly sensitive. However, I can't help but think of the implications and the meaning behind their choice of words. Especially when they throw in phrases like, "The Other Half is playing Xbox with his friends tonight" (*grin* If this is you, and you're reading this - Sorry!)

Would I be hearing from this person if the Other Half wasn't busy? Most likely not. I'm an after thought for someone. Pretty much consolation prize for the night. So for my peace of mind, do me a favour? Don't tell me you want to hang out with me just cause your Other Half has better plans which don't involve you :)

Bloody smug marrieds.


Ed Stephens said...

hey reenie, if your coming to Melbourne can you make it a Tuesday as Eleri has stitching that night

reenie said...

Can we meet halfway in Dubai instead Ed? ;)

Anonymous said...

As soon as (most) people become a couple, everyone else becomes a second class citizen.

And we have only conventional notions of romance perpetuated by hollywood to thank for that.

reenie said...

I think it's fair that when you're with a serious partner, that person is the Number 1 in your life. Otherwise, why be with that person if they're no different?

What I don't like however, is being _made_ to _feel_ like a second class citizen. Treat your friends respectfully is all I ask :)