Friday, September 12, 2008


I hate board games. With a passion. I don't understand Risk. I never got hotels in Monopoly. A Monopoly PUB CRAWL however... *grin* Different story :)

26 pubs. 11am start. Here's my itinerary:
10am: Sausages, corn, chickpeas, tomatoes, one fried egg.
11am: Half pint of Guinness.
11:30am: 4 chicken nuggets, 3rd half pint of Guinness.
Around 12pm: Packet of Salty Nuts, half pints 5&6 of Guiness.
Don't know what time: Laksa lunch, 1 Tiger beer.
Marylebone Station: Skipped drink.
Park Lane: Skipped drink.
Mayfair: Puked in pot plant outside fancy spa. Crossed road, puked some more into a bin. Did anyone of my crew notice? Fck NO :P They're too fcking pissed *grin*

I don't remember when I started drinking again, but I became the "responsible one" who herded everyone around from pub to pub *grin* Here's the final score at 11pm:

Birthday Boy: 29.5!!! We have a weiner!
T: 27.5
(definite *awe* for T keeping up with H)
B: 20
Me: 17.5
Wazzz: 16
D: 11.5

All I can say is, the Beenikster household held it till the end, and we totally r0x0rz to the max0rz. Also, you know why I was drinking Guinness? I was testing out an alcoholic's theory that you can't get drunk on Guinness. Guess what? You can :P

Happy 30th bird-day H :)

PS: Here's my drink tally:
Friday - 4 glasses white wine
Saturday - 17.5 drinks (as above)
Sunday - Half bottle of red
Monday - 9 PIMMS & lemonade (bad day)

Think I need to dry out a little.

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