Thursday, September 11, 2008

Burning Man (the temple)

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There was a day, when it was sooo hot, I couldn't handle it. All I wanted to do was sleep. So that's what I did. It was like an oven in the RV, but my body (especially my sore ass), just couldn't function. So I dozed... woke up randomly, ate some packaged food... went back to dozing. I just wanted the sun to set and the breeze to begin.

My absolute favourite time of day at the desert, is dusk :) It's the most wonderful feeling cycling around just before the sun starts hiding behind the mountain. There's still some rays, yet the heat isn't stifling. One evening, we walked to the Temple - "Basura Sagrada"

It's the most beautiful structure on the playa. Sitting at 12pm to the Man, it's built mainly out of driftwood, stained glass, cardboard spires and structural lumber. Everything's burnable trash. Hence the name :) It's a temple dedicated to lost loved ones. I didn't realise this until I started reading all the messages scrawled and posted all over the structure... I watched sunset from the Temple and stared straight ahead at the Man.

You know what I miss about the desert? Sunrise. Surprisingly, I find myself wishing I was watching another sunrise at the playa when I'm at work. Watching it rise over the horizon, dancing, feeling warmth again. I didn't think I'd miss the desert. I remember teasing S as we crossed one end of the playa to another at dawn, "How could you miss this place?"

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