Sunday, September 28, 2008


Sun's out! I'm smiling as I wander down Regent Street. Only to find myself confronted by a hippie trying to plant a crappy crepe-paper flower on me.

Me: "No thanks!"
Hippie: "Come on love, it's for charity."

She stands directly in front of me with a puppy dog look and tucks a flower into my magazine before I can protest further.

*sigh* I stop.

Me: "You haven't told me which charity."
Hippie: "It's support the gypsy children."
Me: "What? Gypsy children?!?"
Gypsy: "Yeah they're out on the streets. Come on, you have a lovely smile."
Me: "Are YOU a gypsy?"
Gypsy: "Yes. Give some change, everyone's got some change to spare."

I look at this smartly dressed woman incredulously. Beret, mascara... what happened to the scarves, flowing skirts and starving child accessory?

I give up. I could've spent the next hour telling this woman that if she got a real job, she wouldn't have to whore her gypsy children on the streets begging for money.

I dig out some change.
Gypsy: "Thanks love. You look lucky, god bless!"

Mentally, I retort back with, "Don't peddle your god to me, you con woman!"

I'll give to the homeless over the hippies and gypsies anyday.

The sun is out, I need to start internalising my smiles :P

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Wicky said...

I read this book on 'influence of negotiation'. It talks shortly about people handing you things on the street in exchange for money. They try to stimulate your click-wir mechanism. So you feel like you need to give them something back because they gave you something.

The remedy seems to be pretty simple, although, I never had the chance to test it. Accepts the gift, realise you get it because they want something from you, and walk away (without handing them money)...., leaving them behind in surprised amazement.

good luck.